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Business Marketing

So you have a shiny new website now.  Right? If not, please DO call us – we can help you get started! But ok, you DO have a site and you’re having trouble keeping up with the web traffic, right? Well, its only been a week after all….

But how about for those of you with a site that’s over a year old? Still not seeing the traffic you’d expected? Not getting the orders you’d hoped for? Perhaps your site, like so many created each day, is actually an extremely well kept secret!

Not to worry, we can help!

Here’s one suggestion – be sure to include your website as part of your branding. Sounds easy enough – but how to do this.  Simply be sure that everything that represents you and your company includes the web address!

I’m constantly amazed at how many people spend the time, effort and cost to put together a site but then don’t tell anyone about it! You have to market the site to help get the word out. Then, let the site work for you by spreading the word about  your business.

Be sure to include the web address in / on:

  • business cards
  • product packaging
  • product instructions
  • brochures
  • phone book ads
  • flyers / handouts
  • trifolds
  • newsletters
  • postcards
  • your email signature
  • small / portable signs
  • billboard ads (depends on how “readable” your web address is at 50 miles per hour!)
  • promotional products like pens, water bottles, and other give aways
  • and more!

Stuck on designing one or more of these? Our graphic design services can help. Get started now – take an inventory of all the things that could be branded with your web address and then create an action plan with timing to get them all updated.

Good luck in your business!