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Backups and You!

This will be the start of something big. Possibly for me but hopefully for you!

In the computer world there is a dirty word. Well, possibly sever or even many – but here we’ll mention only one. Backups! Everybody needs them but few actually DO them. Why, you ask? Because they are so difficult? Well, partly. Are they expensive? Not necessarily. Are they just not necessary? They most certainly ARE necessary!

Have you ever had a PC crash? Know anyone who lost all their vacation photos? Had a home fire and their computer was part of the wreckage? Had their laptop stolen in the middle of a school semester?

Now – how many of them had a recent backup such that they were able to restore what they had before? Sadly, not enough! Home PC users often simply live with the loss. After all they can always replace those photos of Aunt Phyllis, right? Well no, since she passed away last year. Wedding photos from their sister’s precious day? Well, they can always take more if Sis ever remarries. The same person. In the same place. At the same time of the year. Without anyone aging. Minus poor Aunt Phyllis, of course.

Business people live with the issue daily but many small offices have never done a true impact analysis to know what they would lose. Large firms understand this, they understand the value of their data and they understand the cost of recovering after disaster strikes.

Do you?

Stay tuned for more information on this subject – and more!

Some of our services…

Many small businesses have trouble managing their customers. No, not because they are hard to deal with! Without customers, where would we be!

No, I mean “manage” as in Customer Relations Management. Keeping track of their addresses, phone numbers, important contract details, notes on their families and interests, birthdays, and so on.

I can help! There’s a fantastic program called Act! devoted to managing our customer data. I can get you started by installing Act! on your office computer, your laptop and your assistant’s desktop computer. Then I can link them all together so that you can all share the data! No more calling your assistant to have them search for a phone number only they have! Now have a single place where your entire team can keep all your customer information! Imagine the time savings! Imagine having the ability to reach out and contact customers are the right time – not too often but not once a year either.

Just one of the services we can offer.

Hello world! And Welcome!

Welcome to MJ Anderson Consulting. I can provide a variety of services to you.

Our goal is to provide support to small businesses who may not have the luxury of having an IT department in house or of even having someone who “knows computers”. We are available on an as needed basis to help with your projects.

With computer skills first developed when Bill Gates and I were both still in school, I can provide assistance with networking, computer installation, wireless, applications such as Microsoft Office, database programming and maintenance, web page design and web site creation. I can even help you set up blogs like this one, wikis and bullet board systems.

Why suffer? Let us help you! I can take the systems approach that is impossible for individual product vendors. They are ultimately responsible only fort he single item they supplied. Although potentially excellent with their product(s), the vendors generally can not help get the entire office / operation all tied together and functional.

Lets get started!