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Some of our services…

Many small businesses have trouble managing their customers. No, not because they are hard to deal with! Without customers, where would we be!

No, I mean “manage” as in Customer Relations Management. Keeping track of their addresses, phone numbers, important contract details, notes on their families and interests, birthdays, and so on.

I can help! There’s a fantastic program called Act! devoted to managing our customer data. I can get you started by installing Act! on your office computer, your laptop and your assistant’s desktop computer. Then I can link them all together so that you can all share the data! No more calling your assistant to have them search for a phone number only they have! Now have a single place where your entire team can keep all your customer information! Imagine the time savings! Imagine having the ability to reach out and contact customers are the right time – not too often but not once a year either.

Just one of the services we can offer.